Gary Kasparov om sitt arbete med Queen’s Gambit

I en intervju på The World beskriver Kasparov sitt arbete med Queen’s Gambit.

I was quite proud that I developed a new game based on one of the professional games played in 1993 between two top players, Vasyl Ivanchuk from Ukraine and American champion Patrick Wolff. And actually, Patrick immediately wrote me a message after the show was released saying, ’Oh, I recognize the game.’ 

Kasparov säger också att det inte är så konstigt att Harmon tittar i taket för att analysera sitt parti:

That’s very typical for top players. They can think about the game of chess even during the match by not looking at the board. Sometimes you need to reload your software. The whole idea of her you know looking at the ceiling or at the side and seeing the pieces and just turning them upside down. It’s a great way of displaying some kind of chaotic thinking in the mind of the chess player. But it’s very, very natural. It’s an innate quality of top players.

Här är länken till intervjun.

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